7 Days in Cuba

Get immersed in the music, dance, history and soul of Cuban culture.


7 days in Havana

Dance workshops - Live music concerts - City tour - Beach days and more

Starting at $980

7 days in Santiago

Dance workshops - Live music concerts - City tour - Beach days and more

Starting at $980

10 days Across Cuba

Discover´s Cuba liveliest cultural towns - Traveling from Havana to Santiago

Starting at $1260

Trip Packages

If what you’re looking for is music, dance and culture, then 7 Days in Cuba is the custom-made experience for you!

I came up with the 7DaysinCuba concept after realizing that one week in Cuba, if properly planned, could be more than enough for an unforgettable experience. That, paired with affordable pricing, makes 7DaysinCuba very accessible. In addition to this, I’ve also conceived a 10DaysinCuba experience for those who want to see the entire island in that period of time. Everything is carefully planned and balanced in these trips, so you can absorb Cuba at the right pace.

Below, you’ll find everything that’s included in the packages when you sign up. Bear in mind that by participating in these trips you’ll be supporting small businesses and empowering hard-working locals eager to succeed doing what they love.

Start packing your summer clothes, your dance shoes, your camera and get ready for a life-changing cultural experience.


Cuba is waiting for you!


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